Makeup Oil Cleanser – Oil Cleanser with Coconut


The coconut and avocado based cleansing oil works to cleanse and hydrate skin without stripping it of its natural protective barrier to keep it healthy and moisturized.

Cleansing oils break down impurities sitting on the skin, and bind to and remove makeup, all while hydrating the skin with healthy, nourishing oils.

Regular soap based cleansers work by taking off all oils and makeup sitting on the skin but by doing so they strip the skin of its outer protective layer and disrupt the skin barrier and skin PH, which makes skin sensitive and strips it of its natural protective oils which hurts and breaks down skin over time.

The excessive dryness caused by regular soap cleansers causes more oil production and acne over time, making oil-based cleansers the best, most nourishing option for all skin types, including acne-prone skin.

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The cleansing oil binds to and removes makeup, dirt, and impurities on the skin’s surface, while delivering hydrating, nourishing moisture to the skin to give the skin what it needs to fight acne and stay moisturized and healthy each day.

Ingredients: Cocos(coconut) nucifera oil, persea gratissima (avocado oil)

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