Derma-Roller For Skin: At-Home Micro-Needling


Micro-needling rollers are also called derma-rollers, and help kickstart skin collagen production.

Their other benefit is creating tiny holes in the skin so other products including copper peptides, can absorb more deeply and be more effective.

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How do Derma-Rollers Rollers Work to Help Skin?

Studies have found skin texture improvement in participants who use micro-needling in both clinical and at-home settings.

Micro-needling is collagen induction therapy that helps kickstart skin healing and collagen production.

At-home micro-needling is a great way to stimulate healing and collagen production in all types of skin.

It also allows product to penetrate the skin more deeply and be more effective. It can be used on all types of skin including healthy skin as a wrinkle prevention tool and way to get a nice glow and help products absorb into the skin more effectively. It’s also common to use at-home micro-needling for acne scars and other types of indented scarring in the skin.

It should only be used once a week maximum to allow time for skin healing in-between and not overdo it.

One way to use an at-home derma-roller, is to one-time a week, roll lightly on skin a handful of times in different directions, avoiding undereye, nose and ear areas, and then put a very light layer of Super Cop 2X on the skin to allow it to absorb more and work to its full potential to help skin.. copper peptide products, allowing the skin’s healing to happen more quickly at a deeper skin layer.

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Needle Depth

1 mm., 1.5mm.


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